Belbin Team Roles

Roles and Descriptions of the Belbin Team Roles What is a Team Role? A Team Role can be defined as a coherent and distinctive set of personal and interpersonal behaviours, characteristic of the way in which a particular type of team member (e.g. a Shaper) interacts with his/her fellow¬†team members while they are working to […]

Team-Building Selebi-Phikwe Botswana

12 Characteristics of an ideal team member 1. Is honest, knowledgeable, and respected by others. 2. Puts the team above self. 3. Encourages clear and open give-and-take communication and constructive disagreement in a “win-win” fashion. 4. Fosters creative ideas, approaches, and innovations. 5. Seeks out the facts and constructively challenges the status quo. 6. Manages […]

Team-Building Botswana

From Good to Great Team Mastery “A Re Chencheng” Team-Building Botswana We had 8 objectives for the BCL team-building programme in Selebi-Phikwe Botswana: To raise awareness and understanding of the “team” concept and success factors for improved team and business effectiveness. To deal and overcome obstacles imposed by change through practical and mental challenges. To […]