Belbin Team Roles

Roles and Descriptions of the Belbin Team Roles

What is a Team Role?

A Team Role can be defined as a coherent and distinctive set of personal and interpersonal behaviours, characteristic of the way in which a particular type of team member (e.g. a Shaper) interacts with his/her fellow team members while they are working to promote progress on team tasks. Read more about the belbin team roles summary descriptions.

The Belbin team roles can be grouped into three role types: People roles, Action roles, and Thinking roles.

The People Roles include the Resource investigator (RI) who explores opportunities, Co-ordinator (CO) who acts as a chairperson, and the Team worker (TW) who encourages cooperation.

The Action Roles include the Shaper (SH) who challenges the team to perform, the Implementer (IMP) who puts ideas into action, and the Complete-finisher (CF) who ensures thorough, timely completion.

The Thinking Roles include the Monitor evaluator (ME) who analyses the options, the Specialist (SP) who provides specialist skills, and the Plant (PL) who presents new ideas and approaches.

Belbin team roles gauteng

Belbin team roles gauteng