Change Management Change Management. Leaders create the path to the future Effective Change Management Effective change requires each of the above aspects to be clear for people, without which they will ignore, avoid or resist the change. Change management can significantly reduce the duration, intensity (and resistance) of the transition period. Why we must talk […]

Team building west rand

Team building West Rand Gauteng, Johannesburg and Southern Africa 15 Great reasons to explore Team building and Teamwork… 1) It builds team spirit and cohesion across functional boundaries in the organisation, encourage a team approach to problem solving. 2) Recognises and respects the value of diverse views, and draws on the diverse backgrounds, skills and […]

Youth leadership Development programme gauteng

Youth Leadership Development programme As part of our Youth Leadership Development programme, we explore the potential of learners to become leaders in their school or community. While they have fun challenges, we combine Leadership Principals, the role of they need to play in the school and how to deal with the many aspects within their […]

Services Seta

What is the Services Seta? The Services SETA was established by the Minister of Labour in the Government Gazette of 20 March 2000, No 21012, Vol 417 and is accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority to fulfill the functions as contemplated in Regulation 9 of the ETQA Regulations, 1998, for the standards and qualifications […]

Experiential Learning

I do therefore I understand What I hear I forget; What I see, I remember; What I do, I understand; And in understanding, I can apply my knowledge and new awareness to the dynamic of a constantly changing work situation!