Team-Building Selebi-Phikwe Botswana

12 Characteristics of an ideal team member

1. Is honest, knowledgeable, and respected by others.
2. Puts the team above self.
3. Encourages clear and open give-and-take communication and constructive disagreement in a “win-win” fashion.
4. Fosters creative ideas, approaches, and innovations.
5. Seeks out the facts and constructively challenges the status quo.
6. Manages multiple priorities and achieves objectives.
7. Accepts risk, takes action, and learns from successes and mistakes.
8. Understands the big picture.
9. Breaks ideas and concepts down into component parts.
10. Helps others develop to their full potential.
11. Shows commitment in delivering quality results.
12. Has skills and experience appropriate to the problem to be worked