Services Seta

What is the Services Seta?

The Services SETA was established by the Minister of Labour in the Government Gazette of 20 March 2000, No 21012, Vol 417 and is accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority to fulfill the functions as contemplated in Regulation 9 of the ETQA Regulations, 1998, for the standards and qualifications outlined in the letter of accreditation.

Strategic Processes (trading as Sikhulile Solutions) Institutional Accreditation Decision no: 0871
Is the status attained after the SETQAA evaluation has found that a Provider of education and training has the potential and capability to deliver quality education and training in line with the minimum criteria specified by SAQA.

At Sikhulile Solutions, all our programmes are developed to be client specific – needs based and centers around experiential learning and the philosophy of adult learning.

FINALLY, costs relating to the courses can be claimed back from the appropriate SETA on skills levies already paid by your organisation.