Youth leadership Development programme gauteng

Youth Leadership Development programme

youth leadership development programmes gauteng

As part of our Youth Leadership Development programme, we explore the potential of learners to become leaders in their school or community. While they have fun challenges, we combine Leadership Principals, the role of they need to play in the school and how to deal with the many aspects within their busy schedules……while being successful students!
Our Youth leadership development programme is offered mainly for grade 7’s, 11’s or Form 3 (Botswana)

One of the many tools we find helpful is giving them insight to Sean Covey’s Leadership for Teenagers – What’s Inside. Practical applications around the following topics are discussed and practiced:

• Get in the Habit – They make or break you!
• Paradigms and Principles – What you see is what you get!
• The personal bank account – Be proactive; Take responsibility for your life!
• The relationship bank account – The stuff that life is made off!

A lot of emphasis is placed on building the self-esteem as this makes you a strong player – the better you know yourself the easier you manage your life and relationships…….

Please feel free to Contact us to learn more about our Youth leadership development programmes – Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa and Southern Africa.