Team-Building Botswana

From Good to Great Team Mastery

“A Re Chencheng”

Team-Building Botswana

We had 8 objectives for the BCL team-building programme in Selebi-Phikwe Botswana:

    • To raise awareness and understanding of the “team” concept and success factors for improved team and business effectiveness.
    • To deal and overcome obstacles imposed by change through practical and mental challenges.
    • To improve team effectiveness through individual awareness, involvement, skills and behaviour change.
    • To understand how teams function and the elements of successful and not so successful teams.
    • To experience teams in action and identify strengths and development areas in the team.
    • To equip team members with the skills, tools and techniques to be effective team players within their own teams and also in the wider organisation.
    • To discuss and agree processes and actions to achieve significant improvements in team effectiveness.
    • Use the acquired tools and techniques to drive “A Re Chencheng”

We also covered the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the team, i.e.:

    • Review team charter and propose changes
    • Establish effective business and/or implementation plans
    • Be a resource for other team members
    • Assist team leader in organising/presenting material
    • Identify barriers to success and how to overcome them
    • Actively participate in all team activities
    • Actively work on team goals with other team members and independently
    • Be able to meet commitments to the team
    • Seek input from appropriate technical resources as required
    • Say what you really think, not what you think people want to hear

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