Teamwork in the workplace

What is teamwork in the workplace?

Teamwork in the workplace involves building team spirit and cohesion across functional boundaries in the organisation, and encourage a team approach to problem solving. Everyone in the team should recognise and respect the value of diverse views, and draw on the diverse backgrounds, skills and knowledge of people in their team.

13 Key aspects of teamwork in the workplace

1. Respect the ideas, opinions and contribution of others.
2. Make sure that others feel that they have had input into decision making.
3. Recognise the value of individual contributions.
4. Encourage open communication throughout the organisation.
5. Appropriately support colleagues.
6. Appropriately challenge team members.
7. Facilitate the resolution of conflict between others.
8. Contribute confidently in assignments, which require team participation.
9. Apply a variety of team tasks by performing and maintaining functional team roles effectively.
10. Display own independent interaction style and have the ability to complement other team members.
11. Participate as a skilled team player by acknowledging other’s needs.
12. Select appropriate people from diverse groups to build high performance teams.
13. Explore opportunities for alliances, partnerships and cooperation across work groups, organisational boundaries, etc.

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